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Feb 25, 2023 2.0.1 Beta
improved Tweaked page and asset caching to improve loading speeds
improved Tweaked image lazy-loading for improved page speeds
Jan 30, 2023 2.0 Beta
new An all new design, created to help you find inspiration quicker. The global desktop and mobile switcher lets you change what type of shots you’re browsing almost anywhere on the site.
new Landing page inspiration, get inspired by the world’s best designed landing pages
new Member accounts. Creating an account currently lets you access all shots across the site and keep track of your likes. More exciting features that make use of your account are coming soon.
new Likes - see what shots are popular and keep track of your favourites
new Mobile experience so you can browse for inspiration from anywhere 📱
improved Images are now optimized and loaded from a content delivery network vastly improving speeds across the website
new The new UI Patterns page makes it easier to browse common user interface patterns