Design Vault

About Design Vault

Design Vault is a growing library of UI patterns & design inspiration from the worlds most popular apps and websites. It’s a resource I hope will be useful to designers, developers and product managers.

Design Vault will help you: 

👉 Explore best practices and common UI patterns
👉 Find inspiration from the worlds best apps and websites
👉 Evaluate device specific interactions
👉 Research competitors

How does it differ from other UI pattern websites?

Many UI pattern libraries focus exclusively on mobile devices, but web and app design spans far wider than just smartphones. Where possible I try to capture snapshots from multiple devices so you can see how companies adapt their interfaces with device-specific interactions. 

I’ll be adding new apps and snapshots on a weekly basis, follow along on Instagram and Twitter to get the latest updates.

I have many plans for Design Vault and hope to evolve it with new features over time. If you have any feature requests or feedback feel free to drop me a tweet @DaleAnthony